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O' Great Spirit, bless this house and all who live here. ... May all who enter here receive what they need, and feel richly blessed with their heart's desires.

We are committed to the safety of our families. We have staff on site and 24-hour security and surveillance system. Our home has fully functioning 10 unit apartment building with a community kitchen and living room. We provide free WiFi and laundry to the families and are located across from an elementary school and playground.  

We provide celebrations, family time, and community meals and gatherings. Geoffery’s Garden offers weekly Wellness classes, Pipe Ceremonies, Walking the Red Road, Sharing Circles, parenting classes, cooking and budgeting classes as well as 12-step meetings and a Big Book study. 


We have Traditional Knowledge Keepers that work with the families to provide ceremonies, teaching's, and guidance (healing circles, sweat lodge, shake tent, full moon, traditional drumming, pipe ceremonies, harvesting wood and grandfathers) 

Our Reunification Support Worker works one-on-one with parents to create a healing and recovery plan that supports them working towards a reunification with Child and Family Services. Weekly evaluations and drug screens are completed to ensure parents are accountable to their individual recovery. We assist them with any additional supports that may be needed. Weekly and monthly progress reports are provided to CFS workers, agencies and organizations to ensure cooperation and communication between our program and other formal care providers.

During a parents first few months with us, we encourage children to come to and enjoy time with their parents.  As parent's sobriety time increases and together with CFS, family time continues to increase until final reunification occurs.  

Parents are expected to live in the Garden for one year. However, the length of the program can be extended and tailored to each family's specific needs. Once families are reunited, we invite them to continue participating in ceremonies as well as the activities and events offered by Geoffery's Garden and to stay connected with their community.



A Healing Home for parents on a journey of recovery from addiction and trauma.

To accelerate the reunification of children to their parents.

Healed People,

Heal People.



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