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Our Founder


My name is Cindy Huckerby and I am the founder of Geoffery’s Garden, a healing home recently opened in Winnipeg. I would like to introduce Geoffery’s Garden to you and tell you a little bit of my story to emphasize the need for Geoffery’s Garden.

Geoffery’s Garden is a supportive Healing Home for parents working towards reunification with their children. These parents are trauma & addiction survivors that are working to heal from their wounds and rebuild their families.

There is a saying that “Hurt People Hurt People and Healed People Heal People”

I myself am a survivor of the effects that generational trauma and addiction can have on a family. My father was raised in an orphanage and fought in the Vietnam war. My mother attended day school, became pregnant at 14 years old and had no choice but to have my sister attend residential school.


Both of my parents suffered with alcoholism and addiction their entire lives. At 8 years old, I lost the only mother I knew.  A few years later, I was separated from my abusive father. Having no other family in Winnipeg, I was placed into the care of Child and Family Services. For the next six years, I was bounced from foster home to foster home where I experienced more trauma and abuse.


Hurt People Hurt People.


Growing up in CFS care creates silent wounds of abandonment, unworthiness and uncertainty.

Being passed from home to home creates unseen wounds of rejection, anxiety, and distrust.

My last foster home in particular created lasting wounds of shame, fear and humiliation. It was in this home where my first child, my daughter was born. Three short years later I was blessed with becoming pregnant again with Geoffery. Within months I knew that Geoffery was sick.  Geoffery’s passing left a void, an emptiness, an agony like no other.  Having a child taken away, leaves you terrified and uncertain of anything and everything.

Every parent in Geoffery’s Garden has experienced so many wounds like these and so many more. These wounds have continued, and the cycle of families being torn apart has too. Geoffery’s Garden offers parents an opportunity to feel safe and to heal along with their children.


Healed People heal people.


Through my own journey of life, I have had the opportunity to grow my family and over time, heal from the wounds of my childhood. This journey has been long and painful for myself, my loved ones and my children.

Geoffery’s Garden is a home for parents who need support and safe housing while they heal their generational trauma and their families are brought back together.

Imagine children being able to watch their parents heal, recover and grow in a safe, loving environment that always leads with Kindness, Compassion and Understanding. 

Imagine all the kids in CFS that will not have to endure the decades of pains and traumas that so many of us have. 

Imagine parents healing their own children.

Imagine families coming together.

Imagine our next generation of parents being a generation of healing and not another generation of traumas passed down.


Imagine, just imagine what a little love can do.


Please join me in our mission to end the cycle of generational trauma and addiction. Join me as we reunite families. Join me in continuing Geoffery’s legacy. Please support Geoffery’s Garden.


Geoffery’s Mom


A Healing Home for parents on a journey of recovery from addiction and trauma.

To accelerate the reunification of children to their parents.

Healed People,

Heal People.



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